The Leprechaun

Age: Unknown

Looks like Michael Fassbender

Anyone need a pint?

The Leprechaun goes by the name of Mick for the sake of the stereotype, and doesn’t feel genuinely believed in. Sure, he’s caught the eye of many a drunken soul and led them down paths that caused mischief, but he knew that there were many children who didn’t believe in him. He could have been named a Guardian…if he wasn’t so set on causing trouble. Mild things of course, all in the nature of fun. But lately he’s been being courted by Pitch to join forces with him. He doesn’t like the man; he’s a bit too dark for his liking. But he also likes being wanted. Which side will he choose? The one that is begging him to join? Or he one that opts to ignore him most of the year? Mick is usually easygoing, but when provoked, he’s a champ fighter.

Traits: Witty, Mischievous, Quick.